There are several screen sharing options available through the Zoom Interface.   See Sharing your Screen, Content, or Second Camera

1. Share Screen.  Select your up arrow next to the Screen Share button from the bottom toolbar to view the Screen Share options and Advanced options.

screen share options

2. Select green Screen Share button to open.  By default, the Basic Screen Sharing tab is available. 

1.  Screen 1:  by default is sharing your entire screen.  Other screens shown will depend on programs open on your computer.  

2.  Whiteboard:  Share a whiteboard that participants can annotate.  

3.  Share sound or Optimize for video clip.  Share sound to share video clips with audio.  Do not select Optimize for video clip if you are enabling a full-screen video clip.  See Share sound for more information.  

4.  Share button:  select to begin sharing.

3. Advanced Screen Sharing.  Select the Advanced Tab at the top of the share screen to open advanced screen sharing options.

Advanced screen sharing

4.  Files.  Share a file from a 3rd party sharing site.  Follow the prompts to sign in to these accounts.  


5. Dual monitors.  See Using dual monitors with the Zoom desktop client for more information.

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