Contributing to a Database can vary depending on how it has been set up by the instructor.

1. In your Moodle course, click the link to a Database activity.

2. The Database page has tabs at the top (View List, View Single, View my entries, Search, and Add Entry), and opens to the List View, where you may see other students' entries listed, or a message saying there are "No entries in database." You may also see a message letting you know how many entries you have yet to contribute to complete the activity.

View list tab

3. To add entries to the Database activity, click Add entry tab and populate the fields that the instructor has set up.

The types of fields available include: 

  • Checkbox (a checkbox to select)
  • Date (insert a date)
  • File (upload a file)
  • Latitude/longitude (enter Lat/Long)
  • Menu (drop down menu)
  • Menu (Multi-select) (same as above but multiple selections)
  • Number (insert a number)
  • Picture (upload a picture)
  • Radio buttons (radio buttons to select a choice)
  • Text (a simple one line text area)
  • Text area (a customizable sized HTML box)
  • URL (insert a Web address)

4.  After completing the fields, click Save and view button to view your entry. If you wish to add another entry click Save and add another button.

Save and view button, save and add another button