Follow the steps to add Turnitin to your Moodle course.  

1. Log into your Moodle course, Turn Editing on.

2. Add an Activity or Resource and locate Turnitin Assignment 2.

Turnitin Assignment

General Settings

3. Give the assignment a Name, use Summary to add detailed instructions.  Select Display description on course page (if applicable).

Turnitin General section

4. Submission type.  Select the type of submission.  If selecting File Upload, we recommend students submit a pdf file.

Submission type

5. Number of parts.  This section allows for multi-part assignments with different grade values.  Individual users may submit one piece of work to each part.   NOTE:  If not using different parts, be sure to complete the grade portion along with Assignment Part 1.

Number of parts

6. Select Maximum file size (if applicable).  

7. Review the remaining General Settings and make changes as needed.  


Grade Section

7. Set the grade setting in both the Grade section and Assignment Part 1 section.  

Note:   if using multiple parts, each part must add up to the total grade section.  

Grade section

8. Start Date: when students can see the assignment. 

    Due date: is the deadline to complete the assignment. 

    Post date: when the grades and feedback will appear.  

Note:  it is important to set the post date prior to the due date if you want to students to see feedback before the due date. 

Similarity Report Options

9.  Allow Submissions after the Due Date.  If Yes is selected, you will see that the submission was turned in late.  

10. Report Generation Speed.  Select the best option.

Report generation speed

11. Change Store Student Papers to No Repository to prevent students papers from being stored in the Turnitin Database.   Review the blue question mark  next each catorgory for more information. 

12.  Review the GradeMark options and select all that apply. See Rubric Manager (if applicable)

13.  Review the remaining options.  When complete, Save and Return to Course.

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