Watch the video below or follow the instructions for creating H5P content and placing into a Moodle course.  

Step 1Create H5P Content in the Content Bank

1.  Log into Moodle 4.1 and select Content bank from the More options in the Contextual menu in the top menu.

2. Once in the Content Bank, select the Add Button to begin building content.  

Content bank

4.  Select the type of content to build.  Note:  Each content type will have different editing options. See  Content Types and Examples, for the complete list of content types.

5.  Once a content type has been selected, follow the menu options to begin building the content.  Note:  All fields will a red asterisk (*) are required fields.  Once complete, Save.  

Save button

Step 2: Add H5P Content to Moodle as an Activity or Resource

Once the content has been created in the Content Bank, add the content into your Moodle course by Adding an Activity or Resource or directly into the text editor.  Note:  The gradebook function only works through Adding an Activity or Resource.

1.  Turn Editing On and go to Add an Activity or Resource where you want to place the H5P content.

2.  Find and select the H5P icon.

H5P icon

3.  Give the H5P activity a Name and Description (optional).

H5P name

4.  Select the Files icon to open a dialog box, be sure that the Content Bank is selected to view all the H5P content.   Select the appropriate H5P content to place into the Moodle course.

5.  Once the H5P content is selected, another dialog box will appear.  

  • Decide if you want a copy of this file or Create a shortcut.  
    • Make a copy of the file - When the copy is updated it will not change the original.
    • Create an alias/shortcut to the file - When the original content is updated every duplicate will also change.
  • Change the Author name and licensing information (optional).  
  • Once complete, Select this file.

Select H5P content options

6.  Review the H5P options from the drop-down button.

  • Allow download - check to make the H5P file available for download.
  • Embed button - if checked, the H5P content can be copied/pasted in a HTML editor.
  • Copyright button - check to have the copyright information available, if selected.  

7.  Grade option.  If the H5P content can be graded, select the correct grading options.   It will automatically be added to the gradebook.   If the H5P content is not to be graded, select None

H5P grade options

8.  Attempt Options.  Set attempt options, if applicable.  See H5P Attempt options for more information.

Attempt options

9.  Activity Completion.  Set activity completion options, if applicable.

Activity Completion

10.  When all settings are complete for the H5P content, Save and return to course or Save and display to preview the H5P content.  

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