Any activity, resource, or module can be hidden from students' view in Moodle. Once hidden, the items can easily be unhidden when the instructor is ready for students to see this item.

1. Click the Turn Editing On button in the upper right-hand corner of the Moodle course.

Turn editing on button

2. Locate the activity, resource, or module that should be hidden. Click the word Edit to the right of that item.

The word Edit appeard to the right of a Crossword activity

3. In the menu that appears, click Hide. When hiding an entire module, the link is Hide Section.

One of the edit menu options is hide.

4. This item will now be identified with a blue Hidden From Students marker.

The Crossword activity is grayed out and a blue label reading "Hidden from students" appears below it.

5. To make this item visible to students, click Edit and select Show. This will make the activity, resource, or module available to students.

One of the Edit Menu Options is Show.