Any activity, resource, or module can be relocated on the main Moodle course page by using a drag-and-drop technique or by clicking the move button and selecting the new location for that item.

First, on your course page, click Turn Editing On.

Turn editing on button


Click and hold the four-directional arrow to the left of the item to be moved. Drag this item to the new location and release the mouse button.

The four-directional arrow to the left of a Crossword activity is clicked, and the activity is dragged to the top of a list of other activities where it is then released.

Click and Select

Another way to move an item is to click the four-directional arrow button (without holding) to the left of the item to be moved.

A menu will pop up, displaying every item in the class in order. 

Select the new location for this moved item. 

Move Crossword Game appears at the top of a list of all items in the class.