Share H5P Content

Sharing H5P content can be easily done by changing the settings of the H5P content already placed in a Moodle page.  H5P content files will have a .h5p file extension.  Once downloaded, the H5P content can be shared between course, colleagues or saved for later use.  

1. Log into a Moodle course where the H5P content is located in a course page and Turn editing on

Turn editing on

2. Locate the H5P content on your Moodle page and select Edit Settings.

H5P settings

3. In Edit Settings, locate the H5P options and Allow Download.  Save

H5P options

4. Click on the name of the previously saved H5P content to view.

H5P content

5. At the bottom right of the opened H5P content will be Reuse, click on Reuse to open a dialog box.


6. Select Download as an .h5p file to download.  Once selected, the file will download to the computer.  

7. Once downloaded, share or save the .h5P file.  Note:  Once shared or saved, decide if you want to uncheck the Download option from the Edit Settings so no one else can use the H5P content.  

Upload H5P content

Once you have a downloaded .h5p file you can add this content to your Content Bank.  

1. Locate the downloaded .h5p file (usually located in the Download folder of the computer).   Note:  the file will have a .h5p extension.

2. Open Moodle and navigate to the Content Bank.  (Menu, Site Pages, Content Bank).

3. In the Content Bank, select Upload.  

4. Either Choose a File (Upload a file, Choose File, Upload this File) or Drag and Drop the file to place the downloaded .h5P file from the computer into the Content Bank.  Save changes.

5.  The H5P content will now be in the Content Bank and can be edited, renamed or used as is in the Moodle course. 

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