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What is Interactive Book

H5P Interactive Book is a tool that combines multiple H5P types into a larger experience.  It is similar to an eBook but with more integration of interactive content such as audio, course presentation, dialogue cards, drag and drop, table, text, image, image hotspots, interactive video, and many more tools.  

Interactive Book Examples

A Book about Berries       Learning Analytics         Earth Moving

Get Started

1. Log into your Moodle course, select Menu, Site pages, Content bank.

2. Click the Add button,  find Interactive Book in the drop down menu. 

3. When the Editing menu opens, type the Title and any Metadata (optional).   Decide to check Enable book cover.

4.  Interactive Book editor.  Review each of the Hotspots to learn about the Interactive Book editor options.

5. Review the Behavioural Settings to make optional changes.

6.  Select Text overrides and translations to edit text settings or translate text. (optional).

7. Save when complete.  Once saved, a preview will display.  Edit, close, delete, or rename the course presentation.  The course presentation will live in the Content Bank until inserted into the Moodle course.

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