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What is Interactive Video 

The Interactive video content type allows you to add interactions on top of video clips. Interactions such as images, elaborating text, links and quizzes pop up while the learner watches the video.  Interactive videos are perfect when you already have a video clip that you want to enrich with interactive elements. 

View Interactive Video examples below:

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Interactive Video Tutorial (2:08)

Get Started

1. Log into your Moodle course, select Menu, Site pages, Content bank

2. Click the Add button,  find Interactive Video in the drop down menu

3.  Start by giving your video a Title.  Click on the Tour button in the right side of the screen to take a User Tour of Interactive Video.

4. Add a video.  Videos can be uploaded or embedded from a URL.  Once video is added, Edit Copyright button will appear for additional copyright information.  Note:  Use YouTube or Panopto videos by copying and pasting the Share link.  Note:  It is always best to link a video from an external source than upload a video file.  Videos are large files and uploaded videos slow down Moodle.

5. Optional:  Interactive Video and Text tracks

6. Proceed to Step 2:  Add Interactions.  To add an interaction, drag an element from the toolbar and drop it onto the video. Once an interaction has been added, you can drag to reposition it. To resize an interaction, press on the handles and drag. When you select an interaction, a context menu will appear. To edit the content of the interaction, press the Edit button in the context menu. You can remove an interaction by pressing the Remove button on the context menu.

Click on the hotspot above each interaction to find out more.

7. Step 3 Summary.  At the end of an Interactive video, you can add a Summary. The Summary is intended to make the learner reflect on the learning content presented in the video.  

8. Bookmarks.  Bookmarks are used to indicate a new topic, an important interaction, or an event within the video.  Go back to Step 2 Add Interactions at the top of the editor.  

  1. Press the Bookmarks button next to the Play Button to open the Bookmarks menu.  
  2. Move the play-head to a desired point in the video and pressing the Add Bookmark @ icon.
  3. Type the name of the bookmark.  Enter.
  4. Continue adding bookmarks as needed.

9.  Save when complete.  The Interactive video will live in the Content Bank until it is inserted into a Moodle Course. 

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