Each Moodle course at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is given a unique course code to describe and organize the courses in a way that can be easily understood by both faculty and students.

Moodle course codes consist of five important elements of information.

  1. Course Prefix is an abbreviation that includes a series of letters indicating the subject’s name.
  2. Course Number refers to the specific course. It is three digits, and the first digit represents the level of difficulty of the course. For example, 100 level courses are for first year students, 200 level courses are for sophomores, and so on.
  3. Section Number denotes which specific class of a given course you are enrolled in. Many courses have multiple sections each semester, and you can only access the class for the section in which you are enrolled. 
  4. Academic Year/Term is six digits representing academic year and term.
  5. Course Title is the specific name of the course.

How to Read Academic Years/Terms

Academic years/terms consist of six digits: the first four digits represents the academic year, and the last two digits represents the term of the year.

Term Designations:

 Fall Terms
Winter Intersessions
 Spring Terms
 Summer Intersessions
60 Summer Terms


202120 represents 2020 Fall Term 

(*Note: Academic year in a Fall term is different from the calendar year)

202140 represents 2021 Spring Term 

202160 represents 2021 Summer Term

How to Read Section Numbers

Section Designations:

Full Term

Section numbers consist of three digits that start with "0". (Example: 001, 002, etc.)

Term A

Section numbers begin with "A" and are followed by two digits. (Example: A01, A02, etc.)

Term B

Section numbers begin with "B" and are followed by two digits. (Example: B01, B02, etc.)