Audio Recorder 

H5P content type used to create an audio recording and download the .WAV file to your device.   Not to be confused with  H5P Audio, which is used to import audio into H5P. These content types can work together or separately.  NOTE:  WAV audio files are best used for short (30-45 sec) audio recordings.  There are no editing capabilities with this content type.

  • Log into Moodle, select Menu, Site Pages, Content Bank

  • In the Content Bank,  Add Audio Recorder

  • In the Audio Recorder dialog box, give your audio recording a Title.  Save

  • Note:  If you just need to record short audio files, use the Audio Recorder from this screen.  If this is an assignment for students, place the content type in Moodle.  
  • Press the record button to begin recording audio.  The recording will begin immediately (your device's system audio will be used to record).  
  • Recording options are Retry, Pause, and Done. 

  • Select Done when complete and the audio file will download to your device as a wav file (generally in the Downloads folder on your device)

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