Crossword is a customizable crossword tool that allows you to configure colors, upload a background image, decide how scoring should work, and even randomize words so students will get a new crossword each time.

Crossword Examples

Famous Attractions            Chemistry - Give the Name        Health Terminology

Get Started 

Step 1 - Log into Moodle, select Menu, Site Pages, Content Bank

Step 2 - Click on the Add button and select Crossword

Step 3 - Type a Title and (optional) description.  Add the Clue and Answer for each Word.  Extra clues can be Text, Image, Audio, Video. Add Words as needed.

Step 4 - If you check Fix word on grid, the following options will appear.  Choose this option if you want words to appear in a certain place on the crossword.  Optional:  Overall solution word.

Step 5 - Add Feedback and a Score Range.  Read the examples.  Note:  This feature is optional if the crossword will not be graded.

Step 6 - Select Theme to change background colors or add a background image, change grid or cell colors, plus many more options.

Step 7 - Save and Preview.  Make any necessary changes.

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