Find Multiple Hotspots can be used for questions where students (for example) find all the hotspots in an image. The students are provided with feedback based on where they click.  It features the ability to upload an image for the specified task, select how many hotspots need to be found, each hotspot can be defined as correct or incorrect with appropriate feedback.  Note:  Find the Hotspot has the same options, with only one hotspot available.

Find Multiple Hotspots/Find the Hotspot Examples

Find the Vegetables              Find the Errors            Find the Hotspot

Get Started

1. Log into your Moodle course, select Menu, Site Pages, Content Bank

2. Click the Add button, select Find Multiple Hotspots

3. Add Title, add Title of the question (multiple hotspots only), add Image then proceed to Hotspots 

4. Type the task description, give the user a hotspot name, select the number of hotspots to be found, choose the appropriate figure for your hotspot and drag it to the hotspot location.  Move and resize as needed.

5. Select if the hotspot is correct, feedback is optional.  Select Done or Remove hotspot and continue with more Hotspots (Find Multiple Hotspots only)

6. To Edit a Hotspot, select the Edit (pencil) on the hotspot.  Transform, send forward/backward, or delete or the other options

7. Continue adding hotspots as needed.  Note:  Hotspots should be added to correct and incorrect locations.

8. Select Feedback options

9. Save to Preview

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