Some instructors wish to remove points from a student's total. This technique works best with the Natural Aggregation Method

1. From the Gradebook Setup screen, select Add Grade Item.

Add Grade Item

2. Set the Grade Item's Maximum Grade to -0.01. Set the Grade Item's Minimum Grade as needed. In the example below, the most points that will be removed is 20.00, so the Minimum Score is set to -20.00.

Maximum grade equals negative 0.01, minimum grade equals negative 20.00

3. Click the Save Changes button.

Save changes

4. To "issue" these negative points, go to the Grader Report, and click on Turn Editing On in the upper right-hand corner. 

You can then manually enter these points as negative values. 

Point Deductions equal to negative 5 for student 1 and negative 20 for student 2

5. Click Save Changes when done entering grades.

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