Zoom Whiteboards can be created and shared  (in-meeting or out-of meetings). Whiteboard collaborators have access to a wide variety of controls and sharing options to help make working together easier. Users can also manage whiteboards they have created, or that have been shared with them, from the Zoom app and the Zoom dashboard portal.  

Must have Zoom version 5.10.3 or higher.  Click the link for instructions to Update Zoom.

What is Zoom Whiteboard?


How to Create and Share Zoom Whiteboards

Step 1.  Start a Zoom meeting

Step 2.  Click on Whiteboards from the bottom menu.  Note:  If Whiteboards is not displaying, update Zoom

Step 3.  

  1. Click New Whiteboard or existing whiteboard to edit
  2. Choose if attendees will have access after the meeting
  3. Select if all participants can edit or view the whiteboard
  4. Open and Collaborate

User Permissions when Sharing

  • Owner: User and original board owner share the same level of permissions, including sharing, editing, commenting, and deleting.
  • Co-Owner: User has been granted the same permissions as the original board owner, including sharing, editing, commenting, and deleting.
  • Editor: User can edit, comment, and share the whiteboard with other editors, commenters and viewers.
  • Commenter: User can view, comment, and share the whiteboard with other commenters and viewers.
  • Viewer: User can view the whiteboard, and share view only permissions to other users.

Note: Co-Owner is only available when sharing outside of a meeting. 

Optional:  Click Share to send whiteboard to others outside the meeting

  • Enter email addresses and set permissions.  Send when finished
  • Click the copy link button to set permissions of the users, then copy and paste the link to send.

Whiteboard Controls

Whiteboard Control descriptions

  • Select Tool: Places cursor in select mode so you can click objects and change their properties. Clicking an object will bring up that object’s context menu.
  • Pencil Tool: Places cursor into drawing mode to perform freehand sketching 
    • Brush types: Pen or Highlighter
    • Context menu:  Change line thickness or color 
  • Shapes: Places cursor into shape mode to create square, circles, or diamond shaped objects
    • Context menu: Change Fill: Full, opaque, hollow, Change shape, Change color
  • Lines: Create create line objects
    • Line types: straight, one-end arrow, double-end arrow
    • Context menu: Change line Thickness, Change color
  • Text: Create text. Double-clicking a text object puts the object into “text editing” mode.
    • Context menu: Font style (bold, italic, underline), Font Size , Font Alignment, Font Color
  • StickyNote: Creates a “note” idea that can be used to draw attention. Double-clicking a sticky note puts the stickynote into text editing mode.
    • Context menu: Change background color
  • Image: (Coming soon)Upload a .jpg or .png file from your computer onto the board
    • No context menu
  • Eraser: Puts cursor in eraser mode. Clicking objects while in this mode will delete them from the canvas. 
  • Color: Changes the color for objects that will be created 
    • Note: once you change a color for an object, new objects of that type will retain that color.

More Objects in the Content menu

Select the Ellipses (...) for more options:

  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Duplicate
  • Bring Forward
  • Bring to Front
  • Send Backward
  • Send to back
  • Delete

Commenting on a Whiteboard

Individuals who can access a board in the role of Owner, Editor, or Commenter, can place a comment on a board. 

  • How to attach a comment to an object: Click the comment icon at the top right and hover your cursor over an existing object. Click on the object to attach your comment. 
  • How to reply to a comment: Hover your cursor over the comment icon and click. Click the Add a reply text and then click the Reply button when you are finished. 
  • How to delete a comment: Hover your cursor over the comment icon and click. Click the dotted line icon to the right of the comment you wish to remove, then click Delete

Managing and Sharing Whiteboards from the web portal

  • Sign into Zoom and select Whiteboards
  • Choose one of the following tabs at the top:
    • All Whiteboards: Displays all whiteboards visible to the user from the filters below
    • My Whiteboards: Displays all whiteboards that the user has created
    • Shared with Me: Displays all whiteboards others have shared with the user
    • Starred: Displays whiteboards that have been starred by the user
    • Trash: Displays all whiteboards that have been moved to the trash
  • (Optional) Click the ellipses  icon to the right of the whiteboard you want to manage, then choose from the following options:
    • Share: Select other users on the account to share with.
    • Lock: Temporarily prevents editors, commenters, and viewers from opening and editing a document, while owners and co-owners retain full editing functionality.
    • Add to starred: Adds the whiteboard to the Starred page. 
    • Rename: Change the name of the whiteboard.
    • Duplicate: Makes an exact copy of the whiteboard. The title can be changed before the copy is created.
    • Move to Trash: Moves the whiteboard to the Trash tab. 

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