"Buzzword" Bingo is great to use for lectures, meetings, ice breakers, etc. As participants hear a word  in the bingo card, they can click it and the first one to get a 5 in a row gets "Bingo"

Bingo Example

Get Started

1. Log into Moodle, select Menu, Site Pages, Content Bank

2. Click on the Add Button, select Bingo

3. Optional Media is available to add to the top of the Bingo card.

4. Type a Task Description of the game and select the Mode - Play with Words or Play with Numbers

5. Type the words or phrases to be used on the Bingo card.  Use one line for each word or phrase.

6. Select the board size which will be the number of tiles horizontally and vertically.  By default, this will be 5 (total 25 tiles).  

7. Select Visuals if you want a background color or graphic

7. Select Audio if you want sound or sound effects.  When the "+" area is clicked, File Upload, Link/URL, Audio Recorder (record a sound file directly from the computer)

8. Review the Behavioral settings and Save when complete

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