Below are some basic steps you can take to secure a webinar from disruptive attendees.  As each webinar is different, how you control the webinar will be up to the host and co-host(s).  We will go over these options during your practice session.  If you would like more control over attendees prior to sending out the invite link, please let us know to discuss your options.


Prior to Webinar

  • Set up automatic or manual registration and add additional fields (optional or required) to the registration options - contact to go over these options. This option discourages users from using fake emails and names to register for a webinar.  It also allows the host to accept or deny registrants individually prior to the webinar.  

During the Practice Session

  • Have an appropriate number of co-hosts trained to control the Q&A/webinar hosting options - invite them to the practice session

During the Webinar

7 tips to secure your webinar