This support document will help you navigate how to assign a license to your H5P, our recommendations for license types, and how to share your H5P activities with others.  

Topics in this document include:

  • Why assign a license to your H5P content

  • Types of licenses

  • Our recommendation

  • Steps to assign a license to H5P

  • Crediting images or video you did not create

Why assign a license to your H5P content?

If you're creating content that's intended to be shared and remixed on the internet, you should give yourself credit for your creation by assigning some type of license/copyright information. Also add copyright information of images and videos not created by you that were used in the creation of the H5P activity. Unfortunately, copyright laws tend to be quite complex.  

Types of licenses

Below are the licenses available to attach to your H5P activities.  To find out more about each one of the license option and licensing in general, click on the H5P Interactive Book - How to Add a CC license to H5P Content to learn everything you need to know about Copyright and H5P.  Additional Resources:  H5P Copyright and Metadata YouTube video 

The image below represents all the copyright options available for your H5P content.

All H5P licensing options

Our recommendation

You are free to choose whatever licensing option for works you.  We recommend using a Creative Commons license. If you want to freely share your content, choose: (CC BY) shown below:

Assign a license to H5P Activity:

1. Go to your Moodle course with the H5P activities.  Select Menu, Site Pages, Content bank.

2. In the Content bank, click on the selected H5P activity, then Edit.

3. In Editing mode, find the Title of the H5P activity and click on the Metadata button next to the title.

4. Review the information that can be added to the Metadata.  Everything with a red asterisk (*) should be completed.  Anything else is optional.  Be sure to Save author if your name was added to that area.  The final step is to Save metadata.

Crediting images or videos you did not create

If you used images or videos from other sources, you should give as much information as you have to credit the creator of the image(s) or video(s).  This information is usually found from a URL where the image and/or video was found.  If the image or video is copyrighted and you do not have the permission of the creator, then you should use another image and/or video.  


If you do not know where the creator's information is located, an easy approach is to do a reverse Google Image Search.  This will allow you to link back to the original image location. 

5. Some images you used will have an Edit Copyright button next to the Edit image button.  This is where you will place the copyright information.

6.  Fill out as much information as you have for the image.  Be sure to copy and paste the URL of the original image site.  Save.


7. How videos are credited will depend on the type of H5P activity you chose and where the video was originally located.  

To find where the video originated, right-click on the video to show the video's original URL.  Complete as much information as you have for that video, including the original URL.  

8.  Most videos (in the Edit menu) will have the same Edit Copyright button as the Image Copyright.  

Note:  With some H5P activities there is no Edit Copyright button.  You can always link the image or video URL in the License extras area of Metadata information.  

9.  Save the H5P copyright information is complete.  

10. With the copyright information included in your H5P activity, you are ready to Share your content.  Continue to Share and Upload H5P content.