What is LibreStudio?

LibreStudio is free, open platform for creating, storing, and sharing H5P activities outside of the Moodle Content bank.  It is a central H5P hub with over 10,000 H5P activities created by other instructors that you can use, re-mix, or embed in your courses.  You can also share your H5P activities easily by using the LibreStudio H5P hub.  

Below are the instructions for registering and using LibreStudio.  Before you get started, complete the following tasks:


Get started

1. The first step is to register for a LibreStudio account.  Go to https://studio.libretexts.org/ and click the Register link in the top right corner.  You will complete the following information for your account, using your @louisiana.edu email. Be sure to use the Registration code:  FreeTheTextbook - exactly as typed.  

Search for H5P activities

2. Review all your options to search for H5P activities.  Note:  You do not have to be logged into your account to search H5P activities.  

4. Once you found an H5P Activity to use, click on the link to review the activity.  Download the activity to by clicking the Reuse button, check the copyright information, or embed the activity.  Bookmarking to use later is also available if you are signed into your account.  Please note the accessibility options for all activities you use.  

Upload your H5P Activities

5. To upload your H5P activity to LibreStudio, click the New H5P link in the top, right corner.  

6. Click the Upload button, and upload the file to your account.  Be sure to select the Use button to add and view the activity.   Also, review the options at the bottom of the screen.  

Note:  You can Create Content directly in LibreStudio.  You can also add Licensing information directly in LibreStudio.

7. Next, go to the right side of the screen to include the Metadata and Settings.  This is LibreStudio metadata and not licensing information.  Adding the appropriate Metadata helps identify your H5P activities and turning on the Settings helps other find your activities.  


  • Subject (if appropriate) 
  • Add University of Louisiana at Lafayette as one of your tags (feel free to add other tags as needed) 
  • Overview (optional) 


  • Turn on - if you want to include this activity in your profile
  • Turn on - if you want this activity shared in the library

8.  When complete, click the blue Save button.  To view your H5P Activities (either uploaded or bookmarked), select Author Menu in the top right menu.