Zoom has a new feature (only available with the Zoom link inside of Moodle) where you can set up appointments and your students can book an available time slot.  

Set up a schedule

1. In Moodle, click on the Zoom meeting link


2. In the Zoom Dashboard, find and select Appointments located at the top of the screennext to Home 


3. Click, Create Schedule


4. Set up your appointments by completing the following items below

5. Completed example

6. You will receive an email from Zoom that your Calendar Scheduler has been created with Meeting ID, Topic, Time, and URL.  You will also see your Bookable schedules in the Appointment screen.


7. When appointments has been booked, you will see a list of appointments as shown below.


Student View

8. Students will click on the same Zoom link in Moodle and select Appointments


9. They will click the event listed.


10. They will select an available date/time, then Book an appointment

11.  They will receive an email from Zoom.