In Moodle, users can subscribe and unsubscribe from individual forums or from particular discussions within forums. 

To change your subscription mode for all forums:

1. Locate the Activities block in your Moodle course, and click on Forums

(Note: If your Moodle course does not contain the Activity block, please follow the "Add a New Block" instruction to add one.)

The activities block contains the forums link

2. In the upper right-hand corner of the next page you can quickly Subscribe to or Unsubscribe from all forums in the course.

Subscript to all forums or unsubscribe from all forums

3. Alternately, scroll down to the heading Learning Forums to see all the forums in the course. Here you can see all forums and your subscription status in each. 

4. Subscription status can be changed by clicking the No or Yes button beside each forum activity.

Under the subscribed heading, there are No and Yes buttons indicating subscription mode for each forum

To change Subscription mode for discussion topic in a Forum:

While viewing the Forum posts, click the toggle switch under the Subscribe heading to turn subscription for this topic on or off.

  • Subscription is Off when the toggle is grey (and in the left position).

  • Subscription is On when the toggle is red (and in the right position)

Beside each forum post is the toggle switch under the subscribe heading

Return to the Forum main resource page for more information on other topics.