An instructor can issue grades for an Assignment using a Grading Guide.

Setting up the Grading Guide can be done either:

  • Immediately after Assignment creation (if Grading Method was set to Grading Guide, and if Save and Display was chosen).

  • From the Edit settings page for the Assignment, locate the Assignment Administration block and click Advanced Grading

Assignment Adminstration, Advanced Grading

In the Advanced grading screen, 

1. Click Define new grading form from scratch.

Define New Grading form from Scratch

2. Enter a Name for your Grading Guide.

Name field

3. To add individual grading criteria, scroll to the bottom of this page and click + Add criterion. 

Add criterion

4. Fill in the following fields by clicking on the text "Click to Edit":

  • Top Blank: Enter a Name for the new grading criterion.

  • Description for students: Enter the text students will see in relation to this grading criterion.

  • Description for Graders: Enter the text that only instructors will see to help make grading more efficient.

  • Maximum Score: Enter the point value for this criterion. The maximum score for all criteria MUST add up to the Maximum Grade of the Assignment. 

5. Repeat this process for as many grading criteria as needed.

Grading criterion contiains a name field, description for students, description for graders, and maximum score

6. If desired, you can also include frequently used comments to increase grading efficiency. Click on +Add frequently used comment.

Add frequently used comment

7. Enter the comment text in the blank provided. Repeat this process to create as many comments as needed.

Frequently used comment textbox

8. When done, click Save Grading Guide and Make It Ready.

Save grading guide and make it ready

9. If you need to edit the Grading Guide at a later date, visit the Edit Settings page for the Forum and click on Advanced Grading in the Administration block.

Next Steps

Once students have completed the Assignment, proceed to Grade Assignments with Grading Guide.