An instructor can issue grades for Forum posts and replies for a single student at a time posts by using the Whole Forum Grading function with Simple Direct Grading.

1. Go to the Settings menu for the Forum that needs to be graded. 

2. Locate and click on the Whole Forum Grading heading.

3. In the Grade Type dropdown menu, select Point.

4. In the Maximum Grade field, type in the maximum number of points that a student can possibly score. 

Note, this cannot be easily changed after grades have been issued.

Under Whole Forum grading, select Point for Type and enter the maximum grade for the forum in the maximum grade field

5. In the Grading Method field, select Simple Direct Grading.

Grading method, select simple direct grading

6. When finished, click one of the Save buttons.

Save and return to course or save and display buttons

Once students have completed the Forum activity, proceed to Grade Forums with Simple Direct Grading.