In preparation to use ProctorU for your course, please watch the video below and follow the listed steps or visit UL Student tech support website:

Note:  You DO NOT need to create a ProctorU account through the ProctorU website;  you will create your account the first time you access the ProctorU link in your Moodle course.

ProctorU Test Taker Experience Video

After watching the video above, please review the following steps:

Step 1:  Review ProctorU process and requirements and Equipment Requirements.

Step 2:  Click the ProctorU link in your Moodle course to confirm your ProctorU account details. 

  • First time users need to create a new ProctorU account. 

  • Don't change any of the pre-populated information when confirming your account details. 

Step 3:  Download and install the ProctorU Guardian web browser for your testing session.

Step 4:  Review the ProctorU Frequently Asked Questions page.

Step 5:  Test your computer equipment using the link on your ProctorU account dashboard at least 24 hours before your scheduled proctoring/testing session.

Step 6:  Review the ProctorU Exam Preparation Checklist.

If you run into any issues please contact ProctorU support by choosing the Chat Now feature on your ProctorU account dashboard page or call ProctorU Technical Support at 855-772-8678.