Search below for tutorials on specific H5P Content types which include examples and videos (if available).  

Some H5P content is Trackable through the Moodle Gradebook, Activity Completion, and/or Attempt Options.   See Content Types and Completion Settings for more information. 


H5P "most used" Activities with:  

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Activity/LogoDescriptionTutorial linkGradebook
Course Presentation
Consist of slides with multimedia, text, and many different types of interactions like interactive summaries, multiple choice questions and interactive videos. Course Presentation TutorialA graded activity is included and the student needs to reach the summary slide for scores to be recorded.
Interactive Book

Create an interactive book which allows users to put together large amounts of interactive content.Interactive Book TutorialA graded activity is included and the student needs click submit in the submit screen
Interactive Video

Add interactions on top layer of video clips.  Interactive Video TutorialA graded activity is included and the student needs click submit in the submit screen.
Quiz (Question Set)

Many question types are supported like multiple choice, fill in the blanks, drag the words, mark the words and regular drag and drop. Quiz (Question Set) TutorialCheck button is clicked for all questions and reaching the summary screen

Reduce the amount of text presented to readers by using this responsive accordion.Accordion TutorialNo

Add a sequence of images that people are supposed to look at sequentially (photos, maps, images with more details)

Agamotto TutorialNo
AR Scavenger

Explore reality augmented with 3D models or H5P exercises. Define markers similar to QR codes that your students can scan with their device's camera. AR Scavenger TutorialNo
Audio Recorder
Record your voice and play back or download a .wav file of your recording.Audio Recorder TutorialNo


Simply create pie charts and bar charts Chart TutorialNo
Create a collage of multiple imagesCollage TutorialNo
Add multiple choice, fill in the blanks, texts and other types of interactions and group them in a column layoutColumn TutorialTriggers are met for all activities that are included
Customizable to allow colors, background image, scoring, randomize words 
Crossword TutorialScore words is checked in the behavioral settings.

H5P content types not recommended:

  • for chat and talk
  • Twitter User Feed
  • Questionnaire
  • Impressive Presentation

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