Search below for tutorials on specific H5P Content types which include examples and videos (if available).  

Some H5P content is Trackable through the Moodle Gradebook, Activity Completion, and/or Attempt Options.   See Content Types and Completion Settings for more information. 

H5P Content Categories 

  • Composite -  allow the combination of exploration and self-check into one activity.  Trackable
  • Self-Check  allow students to monitor their own learning by answering questions, clicking on content, playing games, writing, etc. Trackable
  • Exploration -   allow students to interact with the topic by various methods and to explore the topic at their own pace. Trackable through Activity Completion or Attempt options
  • Tool - other content types available.  Not trackable


H5P Content Tutorials:  

  • Use the Search area to filter by:

Content Name, Category (see above), Description, Difficulty level - Easy, Intermediate, Advanced 

  • To open the Tutorials, right-click on the link and Open in New Window or Open in New Tab

  • Use the side scroll bar to view the entire list of content type tutorials

H5P content types not recommended:

  • for chat and talk
  • Twitter User Feed
  • Questionnaire
  • Impressive Presentation

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