Click on the links below for tutorials on specific H5P Content types which include examples and videos (if available).  Some H5P content is Trackable through the Moodle Gradebook, Activity Completion, and/or Attempt Options.   See Content Types and Completion Settings for more information. 

H5P Content Categories 

  • Composite - Multiple content types or other multimedia can be inserted.  Trackable
  • Quiz - Quiz question/content type(s). Trackable
  • Visual -  Used for visual reinforcement of information. Trackable using Activity Completion
  • Tool - other content types available.  Not trackable


H5P Content Types- (* denotes DL created tutorials) 

*Course Presentation

Course presentations consist of slides with multimedia, text, and many different types of interactions like interactive summaries, multiple choice questions and interactive videos.  Composite  

*Interactive Book

Create an interactive book which allows users to put together large amounts of interactive content.  Composite 

*Interactive Video

Add interactions on top layer of video clips.  Composite


Create a timeline of events.  Visual

*Image Hotspots

Create an overlay of hotspots on images and graphics. The hotpot would reveal associated information.  Visual


Create vertically stacked expandable items. Visual

Advanced Fill in the Blank

Fill in the missing words in a text or choose the correct answer from a drop-down menu. Quiz


Create a sequence of images with a draggable slider to shift to the next image. Visual

*Arithmetic Quiz

Create an auto-generated time-based arithmetic quizzes consisting of multiple choice questions.  Quiz
*AudioInsert an audio player with mp3 or wav audio files.  Tool
*Audio RecorderCreate audio files to download in .wav format.  Tool

Branching Scenario

Create a learning materials that branch to different paths based on user's answers.  Composite


Quickly generate bar and pie charts. Visual


Create a collage of multiple images in a custom layout.  Visual


Create multiple choice, fill in the blanks, texts and other types of interactions and group them in a column layout. Composite 
*CrosswordCreate customizable crossword puzzle with feedback.  Composite 

Dialog Cards

Create a set of cards with corresponding words or expressions on either side of the cards. Visual


Add audio samples containing a sentence for dictation and enter the correct transcription. Quiz

Documentation Tool

Create a from wizard and generate a document as the output.  Tool

Drag and Drop

Create drag and drop text or image on one or more corresponding drop zones.  Quiz 

Drag the Words

Create a challenge to drag words into blanks in sentences.  Quiz


Create an essay with keywords that have been defined by the author as a measurement to mark.  Quiz

Fill in the Blanks

Create a task with missing words in a text.  Quiz
*Find Multiple Hotspots/ Find the HotspotFind multiple or single hotspots for users to find.  Quiz
*Find the WordsGrid word search game.  Visual


Create a set of cards containing an image and a question to answer on each card.  Quiz

Guess the Answer

Upload an image and provide a statement. User is to guess the statement by looking at the image.  Visual
*Image ChoiceBuild single choice questions where the answers are images.  Quiz

Image Pairing

Drag and drop image matching game.  Quiz

Image Sequencing

Create a random sequence of images which can be re-ordered to get the correct order.  Quiz
Image SliderEasily create an image slider (carousel).  Visual

Mark the Words

Create a task where users to highlight correct words.  Quiz

Memory Game

Create the classic image pairing game.  Quiz
Multiple ChoiceCreate flexible multiple choice questions.  Quiz

Quiz Question Set

Create a sequence of various question types.  Quiz

Single Choice Set

Create questions with one correct answer per question which the feedback will be shown immediately after submitting the answer. Quiz
*Sort the ParagraphsCreate a set of paragraphs to be sorted.  Quiz


Create interactive summary of a certain topic.  Quiz

True/False Question

Create True/False questions.  Quiz

Virtual Tour 360

Create interactive 360 environments.  Composite

H5P content types not recommended:

  • for chat and talk
  • Twitter User Feed
  • Questionnaire

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