Closed captions, transcripts, and/or written descriptions help students who cannot hear the audio will be able to access the same information from video content. Additionally, this also gives students options for how they receive the information, since some may prefer to read rather than listen to the audio.

Closed captions have the further benefit of being customizable for different languages, display sizes, and colors. 

Our three main video tools all support auto captioning that will provide the closed captions shortly after the video is recorded. While this process is usually over 90% accurate, depending upon the audio quality and accent of the speaker, you will want to proofread and edit for any errors. 

Closed Captions Using the EduTools

Click on each of the links below to learn how to add closed captioning with the following EduTools:

  1. Panopto

  2. VoiceThread

  3. Zoom