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An Assignment provides an efficient method of collecting and grading papers from students.

1. Click the Turn Editing On button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Turn editing on button

2. Click on Add an Activity or Resource in the lower right-hand corner of any Module, 

Add an activity or resource link

3. From the menu that will open, select Assignment.


4. Enter a descriptive name in the Assignment Name field.

5. Enter instructions on page/word count, file type, formatting styles, etc. for students in the Description field. 

General heading. Assignment name Textbox. Description textbox.

6. In the Additional Files area, drag and drop or use the File Picker to add files students should download to complete this assignment. 

Additional files

7. Click the Availability heading to open it and configure:

  • Allow submissions from: enable to select a date/time that students can start uploading their submissions.

  • Due Date: enable to select a date/time that will appear on the calendar for this assignment. Submissions made after this due date will be accepted, but marked late.

  • Cut Off Date: enable to select a date/time after which no submissions may be made.

  • Remind me to grade by: enable to receive a reminder email and Dashboard message.

Availablility heading contains Allow submissions from, due date, cut off date, and remind me to grade by

8. Click the Submission types heading to configure:

  • Submission types: select either, both, or none of the options Online text and File submissions.

  • Maximum number of uploaded files: set a limit to the number of files per student.

  • Maximum submission size: set a limit to the file size.

  • Accepted file types: enter the allowed file type, such as PDF, .docx, .pptx, etc. Moodle will prevent students from submitting the wrong file type. PDF is recommended.

Submission types are online text or file submissions. Maximum number of uploaded files is default at 20. Maximum submission size is default at 250 MB. Accepted file types is recommended to use PDF.

9. Click the Feedback types heading to open it and select from the following options:

  • Feedback comments: allows feedback to be typed directly into the grading screen.

  • Annotate PDF: if a student submits a PDF, allows the instructor to draw and add notes directly onto their submission.

  • Offline Grading Worksheet: allows the instructor to download a spreadsheet, fill it in with grades and feedback, and then upload the completed spreadsheet.

  • Feedback files: allow the uploading of feedback documents into the grading screen. 

Feedback types include Feedback comments, annotate PDF, offline grading worksheet, Feedback files

10. To have students submit and receive grades in groups, read Use Groups Mode for Assignments.

11. Click the Grade heading to open it and enter the Maximum Grade for this Assignment.

12. Select Submission settings if you want to be able to control student attempts on the Assignment.  Require students to click the submit button should be set to "Yes" and add the Additional attempts.  Note:  Never refers to unlimited attempts.  

Under Grade heading, Maximum points is default at 100

13. Select the Grading Method:

Grading method is Simple direct grading, grading guide, or rubric

14. When done, click Save. Choose Save and Display to immediately set up a Grading Guide or Rubric.

Save and display

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